About Us

Me (on left) with my Son Luca, 2020 


How did RON come to life?

Growing up, I was the eldest of 3, to a single mum, living in housing commission.
I always wanted better for my life and the lives of my family.
I grew up playing sports, footy and boxing mainly, and always pride myself on style.
I always had a competitive side with an entrepreneurial mindset.
Being active was such an integral part of my life,  and it was integral to me to stay fit and healthy due to my struggles with mental health.

My son was then born in 2020, at the beginning of COVID. Along with my boy, an idea came to life - I wanted to start my own activewear brand.
Unfortunately this idea came at a tough time in my life, with the height of COVID and a newborn, my mental health declined and I had to put my big plans on hold.
After improving and then advocating for mental health, especially in young Australian men, I decided it was time to reignite my dream. 
Thank you for following along my journey and supporting my dream.